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Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Classes and Individual Lessons are a benefit of Membership:

Member fencers who have completed the BFC Beginner classes or demonstrate equivalent experience, ages 8+, may participate in Intermediate Classes.

  • Classes build on fencing foundations including footwork, blade work, warm-up, conditioning, strip strategy, target practice and open fencing (self-directed bouting).
  • Intermediate level fencers are encouraged to take private lessons and bout with members and guests.

Serious fencers who are interested in more highly developed skills and fencing strategy may participate in advanced and/or competitive level classes.   Age 8+. These classes are designed for both the recreational and competitive fencers who have a seriousness of purpose and are willing to set and achieve fencing goals. Advanced foot and blade combinations, mental training and drilling, tactical and situational bouting, and analysis of fencing style and tactics from video and discussion. Emphasis is also placed on knowledge and application of USA Fencing Rules.  



Class day and time must be established prior to the first of the month.  Make-up classes can be scheduled in advance of absence and must be used in same contract period. Whether the fencer attends all or some of the classes, there are no refunds/credits for less than maximum participation. 


Note: All Classes are paid thirty days in advance of each month, but have individual rolling start dates depending upon the date you join. Members may join classes mid-month with the fee prorated to the first day of month. Payment may be by check, cash or on-site or on-line credit card payment. Auto-pay with a credit card or automatic account debit is also available beginning September 1, 2012. Cancellation requirements and refund/credit limitations apply.



Class Make-up Policy:

Missed classes may be made up for all classes by rescheduling for another class or simply attending the make-up class..  Fencers can attend a class of equal or lesser times and require the fencer to tell the coach at the beginning of class that they are attending as a make-up class. All make-ups must occur before the end of the contract month.  No extensions or refunds/credits shall be given to extend membership.  Any Make-ups not taken before the end of contract period shall be lost.




Private Lessons

Members improve their skill more quickly with private lessons.  Private lessons are in twenty (20) minute increments, and are scheduled by appointment.  Private lessons for BFC members only are scheduled in monthly packages based on the level of time, instructor, and frequency of lessons. All lessons begin on the first of the month and no discounts or additional fees are assessed whether a lesson meets four or five times per month. All lessons must be scheduled for a specific day and time.  There are no make-up lessons for cancellations by BFC members; lessons shall be rescheduled if cancelled by BFC staff. Rescheduled lessons are coordinated by BFC staff with agreement of scheduled coaches/instructors.


  • PRIVATE LESSONS : One (1) date and time certain lesson per week scheduled prior to first of month with specific coach/assistant coach/instructor. 
    • One (1) twenty (20) minute private lesson per week.
    • No MAKE UP lessons or refunds/credits for lessons cancelled by members.   Coach and lesson times are based on BFC availability and, although all efforts will be taken to provide consistency, there is no guarantee of a permanent coach or continuing lesson time from month-to-month.  
    • Coaches shall communicate cancelled lessons as soon as possible (reasons for cancellations are illness, inclement weather, and strip coaching obligations for regional and national tournaments, or other unavoidable exigencies.
    • Fencers are encouraged to take their make-up lessons at tournament events as warm-up sessions.

    •  Individual one-time lessons scheduled on a date/time/coach certain and as-needed basis, scheduled according to coach availability.
 A limited number of twenty (20) minute private lessons, taught by experienced youth fencers, are available at a reduced rate for first time private-lesson-students. Please ask for more details.


Private lessons with Head Coach Bin Lu and Coach Adrian are limited.



Lesson Make-up policy:

Do not leave messages for BFC coaches in BFC voicemail. 

Private Lesson students are encouraged to re-schedule fixed time sessions in advance as soon as conflicts are known.  These are referred to as re-schedulings, and are most courteous to coaches whose income is dependent upon advance scheduling.  



Elite Team participation is by invitation only and requires advance approval by Head Coach Lu. 
The Elite Team is currently unavailable, however Select competitive fencers are offered advanced classes by invitation of Coach Adrian.
Elite Team members receive private training and competition plans, priority scheduling for private lessons and strip coaching at qualifying and national tournaments.  Athletes contract to:

  • Commitment to physical training recommendations
  • Commitment to fencing training schedule
  • Commitment to competition schedule as designed by Coach Lu and staff (with input from Parents if Junior Team)
  • Maintain academic eligibility for Junior Team
  • Maintain valid USFA Membership
  • Fence for BFC (wear BFC patch and warm-up uniform, club registration with ASKFRED as BFC)
  • Journal fencing training in addition to competition journal

Competitive fencers will be dropped from the Elite Fencing Competitive Program if it is determined that the fencer is taking lessons from other non-BFC coaches without advance approval, and/or breaking team rules.


 Training intensifies November through February for Jr. Team members and May through July for all teams.  Competitive team training does not ensure a place on national team rosters. 


Please ask for an explanation of additional discounts and in-house tournaments/clinics and training camps.