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Upcoming events and reminders

 | Published on 4/17/2013
Spring housekeeping and alerts:

REFEREE DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR with Bradley Baker  Saturday April 20, 2013 at BFC Columbia.

This Saturday in Columbia BFC is hosting a referee training seminar presented by a nationally recognized referee.  This is a wonderful opportunity. Who should attend: 

Aspiring referees – who want to learn right-of-way and rules as they are being applied at the regional, national and international levels. 

Athletes – who want to improve their game and get a more complete understanding of the sport.

Coaches- who want to maintain their grasp of current interpretations of rules and updates.

Parents- who want a better understanding of tournament format and the basics of the sport of fencing.  Knowing why a referee makes a call is necessary for success.

Current referees – who need to further personal development.

"D" & Under Senior Mixed Three Weapon Tournament

Apr 27, 2013 - Apr 28, 2013 at Columbia NEW WEST LEARNING CENTER
This is one of our rating rally events.  Open to all fencers (born in 1999 or earlier) who are USFA members rated at level D, E and unrated.  BFC provides an opportunity to fence and the possibility of earning new rating classifications.  If a minimum of 25 fencers participate, (including 4 D's and 4 E's) with 4 D's or higher finishing in the top 8, we will be able to award a "C" to the 1st place finisher, "D"s to 2 - 4 and "E"s to 5 through 8.  
Please pre-register and take advantage of this opportunity for competitive fencing at BFC.

Div3 Mixed Saber                  Sun 04/28    registration close: 2:00PM

Div3 Senior Mixed Epee        Sun 04/28    registration close: 1:00PM

Div3 Senior Mixed Foil         Sat 04/27    registration close: 10:00AM

USA Fencing All-American Team

2012-13 USA Fencing All-Academic Team

The application deadline is Tuesday, May 7, 2013.  Program information is available at :  This is a national level award that will help with college admissions.  The USFA recognizes the whole fencer, and acknowledges academic achievement.  Fencing is an excellent "distinguishing factor" during the college admissions process.  Please do not miss this deadline. There is also a significant scholarship offered by Absolute Fencing.  It is not too late to prepare an essay.  The award is given based on GPA and letters of recommendation.  BFC has had All-American First Team award winners in the past -- let's keep up the BFC tradition!



Registration for our summer camps are available now at  Go to the June Events Calendar.

SUMMER NATIONALS: Columbus, OH  --  June 28-July 7, 2013
US Fencing National Championship
Div. I-A, Div. II, Div. III, Y14, V40, V50, V60, V70, Senior Team
North American Cup (NAC)
Y10, Y12, Junior, Cadet, Junior Team, Veteran Team

Regular Fee Entry Deadline: May 13

Late Entry Fee Deadline (Triple - Online Only): May 27

Classification / Withdraw Deadline: June 17

BFC policy on Temporary Membership Suspension

With the spring school activities and summer vacation months approaching many of you may be considering a short-term suspension of membership.  Please understand that there is no provision for temporary suspension of basic membership fees.  We ask our membership for support and understanding of this policy.  Our facilities are very expensive to maintain.   The decision to shift from quarterly to monthly fees was to make payments more manageable for the fencers.  However, the trade off for BFC is that a lapse causes uncertainty for planning classes and in particular private lessons. 

If you find it necessary to take an extended break, please be aware that we need thirty days advance notice and there is a $50.00 re-activation fee along with the requirement of the first and last month payment for those who wish to rejoin.  Also, a break in private lessons may result in the loss of current coaches and lesson days and times. 

BFC Policy for Late Payment:

The good news is that the vast majority of you are paying membership fees by the first week of the prior month.  Please remember that fees are due on the first day of the prior month.  For example, May was due April 1.  Thank those of you who are following this policy.  It allows BFC to plan and schedule instructors and coaches. We do not like to enforce the expiration policy for late payers, and unfortunately several fencers have had to go to the bottom of the list for coaches and available times for private lessons.  Please don't let this happen to you.  Thank you for paying on time!

New Member Reminders

The good news is that BFC has had over 75 new members since the beginning of the year.  Here are some general reminders for our new (and old) members:


Check the BFC webpage at for cancellations and weather-related closings.  Call the club [Timonium (410-560-7988); Columbia (410-290-7708).] If it does not specifically say we are CLOSED, then BFC is open.


Arriving late is disrespectful and disruptive to the instructor and fellow fencers.  All students are asked to arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to their lessons and classes in order to have time to change, stretch and warm up.  It is expected that fencers are on the strip and ready at the time the class/lesson begins. 


If you are taking advantage of a make-up class, please identify yourself to the instructor who can notate the attendance roster.  Please ask permission to join in a class if you arrive late.


General Housekeeping:  Please remember to wipe your shoes before entering the salle.  Our grounded strips may not seem fragile, but keeping street dirt off of them will extend their functioning life as well as keep our BFC homes looking as if we are proud and that we care.  Beyond this basic courtesy, keeping the strips clean is a safety concern for our fencers.  Thank all of you who help keep the club clean.


PLEASE, pick up all gear, trash, Water bottles and take them home with you.  We are happy to provide a friendly snack area for our fencers and guests, but the upkeep (especially for bulk trash items such as meals) is costly and uses valuable time for coaches and staff who are then required to pick up after members. 


Please remember to use a mask wipe before and after using a BFC mask.  Also, those who use BFC jackets and gloves/equipment must hang items on the hangers and correct shelves/hooks/bins after class.  These simple tasks show pride in and respect for BFC and the sport of fencing. Thank you.


Volunteer request:

If any parent or other member/friend is interested and willing to help keep us updated on Competition results, we can do a better job with recognizing and posting the progress and successes of our members.  Please contact staff at either Timonium or Columbia for details and direction for this important project.


BFC is looking for short fencing-related articles for our newsletters.  If any BFC writers are interested, please contact Carol for guidelines and subject.  Upcoming featured information will include NAC registration tips; and care and cleaning of fencing uniforms and equipment.  The more you know…

Happy Fencing!
BFC Staff